4 “inborn goddesses” being the center of Kpop girl groups

Not only possesssing outstanding visual, these female idols also steal fans’ hearts with their irresistible charm on stage.

In every idol group, there is one member taking the center position. These are people who are highly appreciated for both appearance, talent and ability to control the stage and lead the other members. The following are the 4 female idols who are praised as “inborn goddesses”, drawing great attention even before their debut.

# YoonA (SNSD)

Over 10 years since debut, YoonA is still being considered an idol with overwhelming visual among girl groups. She not only has a pure and lovely beauty but also possesses a refreshing source of energy in everyday life. Since her debut, YoonA has been noticed by her visual, but in fact, even before her debut, she was famous for her outstanding beauty as the representative of the “inborn goddess” title of girl groups.

# Irene (Red Velvet)

Following YoonA, Irene is the next singer to make people think of the “genius face” title among the girl groups. She possesses the perfect facial proportion and has recently been selected as the member with the most outstanding visual among the girl groups. She is also called the “cold beauty” because of her urban aura, but it is the haughty expression that makes Irene more appealing.

# Jennie (Blackpink)

Jennie (Blackpink) is a type of beauty possessing a strong personality. She is receiving much love even from female fans thanks to her appearance, sexy temperament, and her chubby cheeks adding to her loveliness. Even Jennie ‘s pre-debut image also showed her own charisma, thereby making her a sexier beauty.

# Ryujin (Itzy)

Member Ryujin of JYP’s rookie Itzy is indeed one of the stars owning prominent visual from before debut. Before the debut, Ryujin was known to be the perfect girl with both talents as well as charming and elegant appearance through the program “Mixnine” (JTBC). After debut, her beauty has become sharper and received a warm response from the fans.


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