3 Current Dramas You Should Be Watching Now, March 2019

2019 started with great dramas! There are many airing dramas with top Hallyu actors and also great plots. It is not easy to know where to start and also to not miss a catchy drama.

Here is a list of 3 dramas we recommend you to be watching among the numerous currently airing dramas.

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1- “Romance is a Bonus Book” (tvN)

“Romance is a Bonus Book” is a romantic comedy with top actor Lee Jong-Suk and Lee Na-Young. The drama is set in a publishing company which is an excellent background for the story. The main couple is well-chosen: he has a one-sided love for her since young, she is divorced with a daughter, and she is trying to work again. Their age gap and chemistry is very lovely.

Lee JongSuk’s charms will make you fall for him from the start but you might also like the second male lead. It is also hilarious with the new employees of the company that bring much fun to the show. On the overall, it is a sweet love story.

Summary: The drama will tell the stories of people who work at a publishing company.

2- “Dazzling” (JTBC)

“Dazzling” also called “The Light in Your Eyes” is a fantasy comedy romantic with Nam JooHyuk, Han JiMin, Kim HyeJa and Son HoJun. Hard to say if the drama is a “romantic comedy”. It is indeed hilarious time to time but at the same time somber and makes the viewers self-introspect into the meaning of their lives and how they will age. Both sides -funny and sad- are well-balanced and create this unique drama.

The story flows well and the actors are good at acting. But if you want a light and fresh romantic comedy with Nam JooHyuk, you might be disappointed. However, with secondary characters, Son HoJun and Kim GaEun, you might be able to get a taste of the hilarious ‘love’ comedy.

Summary: The drama tells the story of a woman that lost her time without having the chance to live it and a man that throws away his brilliant time and lives a lethargic life. They live at the same time but both live on a different ‘time’.

3- “The Crowned Clown” (tvN)

“The Crowned Clown” is a historical romance melodrama with Yeo JinGoo and Lee SeYoung. The cable drama is quite intense and dark and not as light as other some historical romance drama. If you want a sweet love relationship in Joseon dynasty, this drama might not be for you.

The romance of the main characters is present; however, the main point of the drama is still on politics. The storyline will get you hooked, and you might tremble in fear because of the actor’s good acting skills.

Summary: The story takes place in the middle-Joseon in the middle of chaos caused by power struggles in the court and frequent rebellions. The king needs to protect his life from people who want to take it. To do so, he lets a clown -that looks more like him than a twin brother- enter the palace.


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