“2019 MGMA”: BTS win bigs with 6 awards, shares Daesang with Twice and Paul Kim

BTS has become the owner of 6 awards at the “2019 MGMA” awards ceremony.

On the evening of August 1, at the “2019 MGMA” awards ceremony broadcast live via Mnet, BTS won 4 prizes.

Han Hye Jin is the sole host in this awards ceremony.

Golden voices such as Paul Kim, Kassy, Chen, Jang Beom June, Im Chang Jung, BOL4, Ben, Vibe, Mamamoo, Davichi were nominated for the first award category called The Vocal Artist. Among them, Mamamoo was the winner.

Right after receiving the award, Solar shared her feelings, “We’re honored to be invited to the first MGMA and grateful for such this award. That Mamamoo could come today is thanks to the efforts of so many people. Our MooMoo have worked hard. The group will bring great music to everyone.”

Goo Hye Sun appeared as the presenter of Female New Artist award. The candidates included GWSN, DreamNote, Mia, Loona, Jeon Somi, Cherry Bullet, BVNDIT, Everglow, Itzy, and Nature. Itzy – the group debuting in February 2019, has received much love when releasing the song “DALLA DALLA” and “ICY”.

Yeji (Itzy) had a touching acceptance speech after winning the prize. She expressed her gratitude, “Thank the staff and the JYP Entertainment family members who worked hard for us all day and night. We still have many shortcomings, so it’s like a dream for us when receiving everyone’s affection. Itzy will feel really grateful if everyone watches the group’s mature process. Thank Midzy, thank our parents.”

Lia Kim received the Performance Creator award. The talented female choreographer shared her feelings, “On our 1Million channel, there are many dancers and they are always working hard. I think that I’m only the trophy holder because I cannot earn this award alone. I feel grateful that many people love and dance along with the choreography created by us.”

BTS received the Global Popularity award and expressed the feeling of receiving the award through a video. The boys are constantly sent their thanks, “No matter where ARMYs are, you are still our supporter, our friend, and family. In the future, we will together with ARMY dream more beautiful and bigger dreams. Thank you, ARMY. Wherever we are, you are the best gift for us, thank you for always helping us keep dreaming and march forward a better future.”

The M2 Hot Star awards were given to Pentagon and WJSN. Pentagon thanked the management company and the fanclub. Exy (WJSN) said, “Thank you for giving the group this prize. We would like to thank Ujung and the members of the Starship Entertainment family. The group wishes to become a more developed WJSN.”

The Female Performing Artist award which was given to the artist with the most outstanding performance in 2019 went to IZone. They expressed their feelings, “We were deeply touched to receive the rookie award when debuting last year, so we’re so happy to get the Performing award after being active for only 2 years. Thank PD Han Sung Soo and the members of Off The Record family. We will love WIZone more.”

The Male Performing Artist award went to BTS. Accordingly, BTS received 2 awards and affirmed their unique artist position.

The owner of the Best Female Group was Twice. Jihyo shared her thoughts, “Although we currently have only 8 people, Mina will quickly come back and the 9 members will show up with the image of a more wonderful Twice. We would like to thank the staff members who have worked hard with the group.” Sana also showed her heart when shouting, “Mina, we have received the award.”

The Best Male Solo Artist award belonged to Paul Kim and the Best Female Solo Artist went to Chungha. Paul Kim shared his thought, “Thank those who helped me make the eye-catching videos and performances and participated in the video. I have been longing to be a singer for a long time, thank the member of the company for helping me. I understand that getting the prize is to try harder, I will try to compose the song, write lyrics, and work diligently.” Chungha also said, “This is the first time I have conducted the opening performance with so many dancers. I will become a singer who deserves this award.”

Day6 won the Band award. The group expressed their appreciation, “There are many things we are trying to do for the first time. My Day really worked hard with us. We truly love and feel grateful to the members of the JYP Entertainment family, the staff as well as the members’ families.”

The owner of the Male New Artist award was TXT. The group under Big Hit won this award after defeating other heavyweight rivals such as Kim Jae Hwan, Park Ji Hoon, Oneus, Yoon Ji Sung, Ha Sung Woon, Haeun, AB6IX, Ateez, and VeriVery. Member Hueningkai said, “Gaining the Male New Artist award after debuting is the great honor of us and beyond our imagination. We’d like to thank the staff of Big Hit and PD Bang Shi Hyuk for always supporting us.” Beomgyu added, “Thank our fans and Yeonjun.”

AB6IX and Kim Jae Hwan together carried off the Genie Music Next Generation Star award. Kim Jae Hwan, when receiving his first prize, called the names of the staff members and said he would try his utmost to deliver great music products. AB6IX thanked the management company members and promised to show more mature images.

The main character of Popularity Award selected through the 100% votes of the members from Genie Music was BTS. Accordingly, the boys occupied three awards. Via the video of sharing their thoughts on getting the prize, BTS once again confided, “We’ve received such a great award in ‘MGMA’. ARMY gave us all the proud moments, including this award, sincerely thank you. The love of ARMY is the motivation for us to create music. We will repay your love with music.”

A special stage was also prepared for Yoon Jong Shin – recipient of The Innovator award. After Solji and Sandeul performed 2 songs “By Instinct” and “Uphill”, Yoon Jong Shin surprisingly appeared and received the award. The male singer expressed his determination, “I hope everyone will give a lot of support to the image of the artists who persistently follow their will. Please follow ‘Yoon Jong Shin Monthly Project’ until 2040.”

IZone has become the winner of M2 The Most Popular Artist award. Chaeyeon (IZone) shared, “Not long ago, we held our own Asia concert tour. Thank you, WIZone, for helping the group learn and experience many things around Asia. We will work hard to become a hardworking IZone to be able to conquer WIZone worldwide.” As a result, IZone themselves has brought home 2 prizes.

The Best Male Group award remained unchanged when BTS won the award again. Thus, BTS has “pocketed” 4 awards including the Best Male Group and set a record of receiving the most prizes.

There were only expected 4 Daesang categories left. The owner of The Top Music award was Paul Kim’s “Me After You”. This song took the lead in the number of accumulated streaming and downloads on Genie Music. Paul Kim said, “Thank very much for the help of everyone who joined with me to create music and helped me to come to this position. I will strive to become a Paul Kim working with the sincerity.”

The second Daesang award – Best Selling Artist which honored to the owner of the most hit songs belonged to Twice. Dahyun continued to express her gratitude, “Thank you for giving us this prestigious award. Thanks to JYP members and PD Park Jin Young, director Jeong Wook. We want to share the joy of this award with Mina. Thank you, Once. We will become a Twice that never take your immense love for granted.”

The Top Video award and The Top Artist award were both presented to BTS. By possessing a record number of views, BTS was also recognized as the best singers. The group expressed their thoughts when receiving the Daesang award, “We want to send thanks to those who have worked hard for the group in places that we don’t see. We also want to send to BTS members words of love and gratitude. In the future, we want to continue conveying our own messages through music and create a good influence. Because today is a good day, we want to end it with your support.”

The winners list is as follows:

▲ The Vocal Artist: Mamamoo

▲ The Female New Artist: Itzy

▲ The Male New Artist: TXT

▲ The Performance Creator: Lia Kim

▲ M2 Hot Star: Pentagon, WJSN

▲ Global Popularity Award: BTS

▲ The Performing Female Artist: IZone

▲ The Performing Male Artist: BTS

▲ The Female Group: Twice

▲ The Male Group: BTS

▲ The Male Solo Artist: Paul Kim

▲ The Female Solo Artist: Chungha

▲ The Band: Day6

▲ Genie Music Next Generation Star: AB6IX, Kim Jae Hwan

▲ Genie Music Popularity Award: BTS

▲ The Innovator: Yoon Jong Shin

▲ M2 The Most Popular Artist: IZone

▲ The Top Music: “Me After You” by Paul Kim

▲ The Best Selling Artist: Twice

▲ The Top Video: BTS

▲ The Top Artist : BTS


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